Elevation Certificates

Everchanging weather patterns, increased costs of the National Flood Insurance Program, and changes to the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps require property owners to understand the relationship between their property and adjacent floodplain. Whether it is ensuring new construction will comply with the appropriate flood plain regulations or verifying if an existing structure is in or out of the floodplain.

Elevation Certificate Services

  • Topographic Survey to determine appropriate house and finished grade elevations
  • Review of FEMA maps and documents
  • Determination of the Base Flood Elevation
  • Prepare an Elevation Certificate
  • Prepare Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) application to remove the structure or a portion of the property from the floodplain
  • Coordinate with FEMA on the LOMA submittal

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Recent Projects

Werner Enterprises

Redevelopment an approximately 30-acre parcel, previously owned by Caterpillar, to provide an approximately 56,000 square foot building with driver services and maintenance bays and 300 trailer parking stalls for Werner’s over-the-road fleet.

Providence High School

Prepared site improvement plans for the site infrastructure associated with the Cafeteria & Student Commons Addition to the existing Providence High School building in New Lenox.

Water’s Edge

An affordable housing community, by the Housing Authority of Joliet, consisting of 68 single family and townhouse style homes plus a community center. The Des Plaines Gardens apartments, first built in 1956, were demolished and the property was redeveloped to provide the required infrastructure for the 68 new homes.

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